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Cold season is coming upon us. At least here in the North. So yesterday, we had our “first breach in etiquette” of the season! It was actually a lovely day, about 68 degrees (I know that’s chilly for you Floridians and Californians, lol)…

One of our gals made the statement:” I got a cold right after playing MahJongg last week!” hmmm… She then proceeded to sneeze! Upon which she immediately covered her mouth with her hand and then started handling her tiles!

smiley sneezer

Cringes were suppressed.
A run to the ladies room before switching tables was accomplished.
And as the organizer of our games, the emails came to me later…

I always keep hand sanitizer in the room, and in the winter, I’ve even placed them in several areas in the room. Don’t want to make anyone crazy about germs, but what would you do?

My feeling was… make light of it, with a gentle comment of: oops, Janie, please cover your sneeze with your elbow! Save those hands for our precious tiles!

And ladies, hope you are also washing your tiles regularly during the flu season.  Mild soap and water is best to keep the vibrant colors on your tiles.  I also use a botanical disinfectant (with no Triclosan to save the world from superbugs!)  Better yet, how’s this for a solution?  Enjoy!

playing in the pool

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