Our Team, Our Mission.

We came up with the idea of MahJonggMentor  while playing our weekly MahJongg game. We all joked that it would be great to have a website that would help people make better playing decisions. Then, the lightbulb went off! Why not share our collected knowledge about Mah Jongg? So, we decided to develop the website, to encourage more people to play and have fun!

We are excited to share with you, our learning, resources and passion for Mah Jongg. MahJonggMentor was created for all levels of Mah Jongg players: beginner, intermediate and advanced.  Our website strives to make learning and playing the game more fun. MahJonggMentor provides strategies to improve your skills with “easy to follow” videos, FAQs , etiquette suggestions, on-line community and of course video lessons for the beginner.

We look forward to providing you with an exceptional on-line experience and appreciate your business.

Meet our MahJonggMentor Team here.

leah15Leah Feigenbaum – [email protected]
What I love about Mah Jongg:  Constantly improving my knowledge of the game with strategy
How I learned Mah Jongg: With my mom as a child.
Other Hobbies: Tennis, working out and reading
Favorites: Traveling and spending time with friends and family.
Career:   Now a days, Mah Jongg and more Mah Jongg 

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arlene15Arlene Marron – [email protected]
What I love about Mah Jongg: The detail and patterns of the game; being challenged to play better.
How I learned Mah Jongg: Two introductory lessons through Mah Jongg PA-Media in Meetup.com
Other Hobbies: Piano, needlepoint, bicycling, reading, crossword puzzles, and attending jazz concerts
Favorites: Playing with grandchildren, traveling, and playing Mah Jongg
Career:  Registered Nurse, Certified Professional Coder, Legal Nurse Consultant, volunteer as literacy tutor

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