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I had written a blog the other day and was about to fine tune the message when another subject quickly arose and that seems to be more important. There has been talk in the FaceBook groups and we have received some questions on what do you do when you have someone at your table that you do not want to play with? What do you do when someone at your weekly game is constantly slow, constantly holding up the game by rearranging tiles, holding up the game after almost every other discard to question if they need the tile? What do you do if the game is a friendly game and yet this one player is notorious for using street language and four letter inappropriate words? What do you do if this player seems to forget what pass we are at every time and we have to watch her rack and tiles?  What do you do if this person frequently throws the winning tile to someone when it is obvious what hand they are playing or there are less than 4 tiles left in the wall?

bulliesI had come up with one answer to all this originally and that was if you can play at a different table then do so, if you can find a different group then do so after all you want to be able to play and have fun right? Well then I watched the Republican debate last week and could not believe the name calling and the behavior.  I also watched a widely circulated video on FaceBook of two mothers fighting in a WalMart store with one’s young son joining in the fracas while a group of adults stood by and yes recorded the event. This all made me stop and ask when did we become so intolerant of each other and so mean to one another?

So I have changed my thinking in some way. I think we need to be nicer all around. What has happened to us and how can we make things better?  Maybe the player who is not your favorite, is having problems at home or is not feeling 100% herself? Maybe there is some tension in the group and she is being defensive? Maybe she is not sensitive enough to know anything is wrong? Who knows why but if you are not in a position to speak to her/him about the behavior on the side then try to be the bigger person and let things go. This is supposed to be a game and a social gathering. Let’s be nicer in the small groups and events and then maybe it will domino into the rest of our lives.

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  1. JoanL  March 7, 2016

    I am a beginner player and our group is a mix of experience and skill level. I appreciate their patience and try to be patient in turn. I do my best to not lag the game. Appreciate your commentary.

  2. lk32  March 8, 2016

    Faye, what an insightful post! You’ve given us all something to ponder… Thank you!

  3. PollyAliene  April 2, 2016

    Wow! Very nice…..just a beginner myself, but can note some impatience by some…..

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