Yoga Jongg Day 3

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Today we were not so lucky with the weather.

The morning was lovely, the afternoon some decent rain showers.

That meant more time for Mah Jongg.  Most people began playing

An hour or so before the lesson.  I was also glad to see that most of the guests

Are mixing well and sharing this experience together.

Todays lesson was on The Play.  I was able to clarify and add a few tidbits

To their games.

I thought it important to clarify some of the “new” NMJL rules.  They were the impetus

To a quite lively discussion.  There were many why questions and not always agreeing

With the rulings.  My explanation was clear……I don’t make the rules, I just present them.

As always, I emphasized that you incorporate into your game what you see fit.  However, the most important

aspect is to keep your rules consistent, not just each game but from week to week

If you are playing with the same group.

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