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leah15Leah has been playing the fascinating, fun, and fabulous game of Mah Jongg for well over forty years. Like many of you, she fell in love with this game watching her mother at their kitchen table. Eager to spread her passion, she has been teaching the game throughout the Greater Philadelphia Area for beginners and experienced players alike for over seven years. While Leah loves teaching new students the fundamentals of this great game, she gets a real thrill from instructing more seasoned students on the nuances and intricacies each year as new cards are released. Privileged to have taught more than five hundred students, she feels so lucky to have touched some great people, enlightening them to this lifelong game.

Prior to teaching Maj, Leah has had various careers in the world of Social Services, Human Resources as well as the corporate world.

arlene15Arlene is very organized and detail oriented and keeps the business of running MahJonggMentor.com on track. She has grown children who are providing Arlene and her husband Gerry with grandchildren to enjoy and spoil. A Registered Nurse and Certified Professional Coder,  Arlene performs Quality Assurance for an audit company. In early 2012 Arlene was looking for a new hobby and decided to try Mah Jongg. She quickly became “hooked” and plays at least once a week. Despite being relatively new to Mah Jongg, Arlene loves the game, due to the detail involved in play. She is excited to be involved in MahJonggMentor.com, so she can help others to learn and enjoy the game.

sue15Sue got the bug to play MahJongg several years ago, but trying to find a place to learn, to play and to find people to play with, was not easy.  Searching on line brought no local resources so she started her own group and now has over 100 members in their local Meetup group who play at several locations, several times a week.  Sue teaches new players who are in her local Meetup (MahJonggPA), but prefers to pass the teaching on to the professionals (like Leah)!  She plays in tournaments sponsored by national groups, and has also sponsored her first local tournament in the Philadelphia area, with another planned in the spring of 2014.

Sue is a baby boomer, married to John, with grown children.  Semi retired, from over 20 years in the computer industry, an owner of a real estate investment business, and as a CHNP (Certified Natural Health Professional), Sue still is the owner of a catalog sales business in the Healthy Living, “Green” industry.  She loves to travel, and plays MahJongg and Pickleball every chance she gets!